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Horatio Dresser

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Horatio W. Dresser

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Horatio W. Dresser was destined for greatness from birth. His parents, Julius A and Annetta Seabury Dresser were students of Quimby along with Mary Baker Eddy. Julius was perhaps the first child to grow up in New Thought.

His works include:

A Book of Secrets
The Christ Ideal

Education and the Philosophic Ideal
Handbook of New Thought
Health and Healing
Health and Inner Life
A History of the New Thought Movement
Human Efficiency
The Immanent God
In Search of a Soul
Journal of Practical Metaphysics
Knowing and Helping People
Living by the Spirit
Man and the Divine Order; Health and the Inner Life
Men and the Divine Order
A Message to the Well
Methods and Problems of Spiritual Healing
The Perfect Whole
The Philosophy of Spirit
A Physician to the Soul
The Power of Silence
The Quimby Manuscripts (editor)
The Spirit of New Thought
Spiritual Health and Healing
Voices of Hope
Voices of Freedom
The Quimby Manuscripts

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