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Malinda Cramer and Fannie James early founders and leaders of Divine Sciencer Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Malinda Cramer
& Fannie James'

Divine Science
Principle and Practice
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Foreword - Early History of Divine Science -
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- Contents - Glossary - Index

Foreword - p.5

In response to the ever-increasing interest in the things of Spirit, this volume is sent forth that the strength of its message may add to the mighty chorus of Truth now sounding throughout our lands in acknowledgment of the Infinite Love that fills and rules the world. The fundamental principle of Divine Science, the omnipresence of God, clearly defined and explained, is to be found within the covers of this textbook. It contains the essential teachings of the founders of Divine Science since it is a compilation of material given in Truth and Health by Fannie B. James and Divine Science and Healing by Malinda E. Cramer. This text is presented to the reading public with joy, knowing that all who study its pages with earnest thinking and definite living will be richly blessed.

The Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of Truth, forever proclaims its presence by the utterance of "Peace on earth, good will to men." The proclamation of Infinite Love presages the healing of every ill here and now. The peace it declares is for earth as well as heaven; the good will is for men as well as angels. The fact that there is unrest throughout the world and that a will contrary to


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