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Harriet Emilie Cady

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Harriet Emilie Cady's

Miscellaneous Writings

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Foreword ~ Finding the Christ in Ourselves ~ Neither Do I Condemn Thee ~ In His Name ~ Loose Him and Let Him Go ~ All Sufficiency in All Things ~ God's Hand ~ If Thou Knewest ~ Trusting and Resting ~ The Spoken Word ~ Unadulterated Truth ~ Oneness With God ~


There is a straight, white line of Absolute Truth upon which each one must walk if he would have demonstration. The slightest swerving in either direction from this line results in nondemonstration, no matter how earnest or intense one may be.

The line is this: There is only God; all seeming else is a lie.

Whosoever is suffering today from sickness, poverty, failure --- any kind of trouble --- is believing the lie.

We talk largely about the Truth, and quote with ease and alacrity the words of the Master, "The Truth shall make you free." Free from what? Free from sickness, sorrow, weakness, fear, poverty. We claim to know the Truth, but the question to be driven right home is, are we free from these undesirable things? And if not, why not?

Let us get right down to a good, hard-pan, practical basis about this matter.

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