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Harriet Emilie Cady

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Harriet Emilie Cady's

Miscellaneous Writings

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Foreword ~ Finding the Christ in Ourselves ~ Neither Do I Condemn Thee ~ In His Name ~ Loose Him and Let Him Go ~ All Sufficiency in All Things ~ God's Hand ~ If Thou Knewest ~ Trusting and Resting ~ The Spoken Word ~ Unadulterated Truth ~ Oneness With God ~


It would seem almost childish and puerile, almost an insult to the intelligence of one's readers, to assert that the sunlight coming into a darkened room will annihilate that darkness. The merest child knows this, even if he does not understand the modus operandi of such fact. The sunlight does not have to make an effort to do this; it does not have to combat the darkness or wrestle or strain to overcome it; in fact, it does not change its course or its natural action in the least. It just goes on calmly radiating itself as usual. And yet the darkness is annihilated the instant it is touched by the light. Why? Because the darkness is not an entity having a reality of its own. It is no thing. It is simply the absence of a positive, real something. And when there is made a way for the something to rush in and fill to fullness the empty space, the no thing then is the nothing, the darkness annihilated, destroyed, healed; and all there is left is the something --- the light.

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