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Harriet Emilie Cady

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Harriet Emilie Cady's

Miscellaneous Writings

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Foreword ~ Finding the Christ in Ourselves ~ Neither Do I Condemn Thee ~ In His Name ~ Loose Him and Let Him Go ~ All Sufficiency in All Things ~ God's Hand ~ If Thou Knewest ~ Trusting and Resting ~ The Spoken Word ~ Unadulterated Truth ~ Oneness With God ~


Responding to the oft-repeated requests of many friends who have been helped by reading the various booklets and magazine articles of the author, it has seemed best to publish them all under one cover as a more convenient way for readers to have the helps always at hand. The papers which make up this volume have been written from time to time as a result of practical, daily experience. In none of them is there anything occult or mysterious; neither has there been any attempt at literature. Each number is so plain and simple that "a wayfarer though a fool need not err therein."

In revising the articles herein contained there have been a few nonessential changes; yet the Principle and its application remain the same. Truth is that which is so, and it can never change. Every true statement here is as true and as workable today as it was when these papers were written. We ask no one to believe that which is here written simply because it is presented as Truth. "Prove all things" for

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