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Uriel Buchanan avoided publicity

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Uriel Buchanan's

The Heart of Being

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The Primary Processes of World Building - Man's Progress - The Manifestation of Love - Seeking The Invisible Presence - The Wordless Voice - The Creative Impulse - The Realm of Self-Consciousness - The Echo From The Eternal Hills - The Hermit And The Youth - The Wanderings of The Soul - The Destined Goal




URIEL BUCHANAN is known throughout the country as a writer and author of exceptional power, remarkable for the serenity of his philosophy, his even poise and the blending of the truly practical in his writings, with the Spiritual, the Ideal.

The object of this book is to make clear the path of mental, physical and material attainment through the power of the mind. In the writer's own words: "Inherent in every mind are potentialities for reaching the highest goal of human attainment. Man shapes his environment and determines his place in the world in exact accord with the use he makes of interior forces.

"The aim of this work is distinctly practical. It reveals some of the great laws which govern the workings of human thought. It points out the way how best to show forth the ideal, to materialize our dreams and yearnings in every-day life."


The Supreme Force Mental Control The Higher Life
Man's Divinity The Sovereign Will Our Destiny
Mysteries The Power of Silence Human Progress
The Science of Breath Individual Supremacy Divine Guidance
Self-Mastery The Spirit of Youth A Lesson from Nature
The Law of Suggestion Mental Influences Aspiration
  Elements of Success The Highest Goal
  Demand and Supply  

Each chapter contains a number of sub-topics. Here are the subheadings of Chapter III:

CHAPTER III. MYSTERIES. The three brains The mind a globe of light --- Evolution of the brain cells --- How to increase the capacity of the brain --- Active and passive attention --- How to intensify the mind action --- The three realms of mind --- The inner ether --- How to concentrate --- The Law of thought transference How to receive and interpret a thought-wave.

The book is 6 inches by 9 inches, bound in purple silk cloth with gold lettering. It contains 92 pages, and is printed in clear type on good paper. Price $1.00 postpaid


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