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Uriel Buchanan avoided publicity

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Uriel Buchanan's

The Heart of Being

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The Primary Processes of World Building - Man's Progress - The Manifestation of Love - Seeking The Invisible Presence - The Wordless Voice - The Creative Impulse - The Realm of Self-Consciousness - The Echo From The Eternal Hills - The Hermit And The Youth - The Wanderings of The Soul - The Destined Goal



Dismissing from the questioning mind the mystical problem of life's origin and destiny, and recognizing our vital relation to present realities, let us cultivate a keener perception of our glorious possibilities and hasten our progress on the upward path that leads to the attainment of the highest happiness which is the rightful heritage of our earthly existence. Nowhere in all the universe can there be a place more appropriate for our expression and advancement than is to be found on the planet of our present abode. For it is here we were placed by the creative power which brings into existence all creatures in accordance with the divine plan --- the supreme law of design --- which fills the vast void with shining stars, sends them

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