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Uriel Buchanan avoided publicity

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Uriel Buchanan's

The Heart of Being

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The Primary Processes of World Building - Man's Progress - The Manifestation of Love - Seeking The Invisible Presence - The Wordless Voice - The Creative Impulse - The Realm of Self-Consciousness - The Echo From The Eternal Hills - The Hermit And The Youth - The Wanderings of The Soul - The Destined Goal



My soul roamed through the mystic realms beyond

Night's shadow, longing to explore the depths

Of that awful mystery that has been

Shrouded from mortal eyes since time began.

I passed into the soul-sphere of the world,

Which rolled onward through the unbounded space

Of ether, while on its throbbing bosom

Humanity stirred restlessly, spending

The fragments of its time in strife and toil.

In ecstasy I viewed with spirit eyes

The enchanted land of immortal dreams.

I saw the glow of life's unclouded day,

And felt the thrill of that inspiring love

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