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Uriel Buchanan avoided publicity

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Uriel Buchanan's

The Heart of Being

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The Primary Processes of World Building - Man's Progress - The Manifestation of Love - Seeking The Invisible Presence - The Wordless Voice - The Creative Impulse - The Realm of Self-Consciousness - The Echo From The Eternal Hills - The Hermit And The Youth - The Wanderings of The Soul - The Destined Goal



Man has toiled tirelessly in his search for knowledge; and by his power and genius he has transformed the face of nature into symmetry and beauty. He has felled the forests and reared in their place cities and empires; he has spanned the rivers, crossed the continents with railways, and conquered the adverse waves of the sea, over which he rides swiftly and fearlessly by the magic power of resistless steam.

He has cunningly enslaved the elements of the world and subjected even the wind and the lightning to his command. The telegraphs and cables have annihilated space and time, and brought the people of every land into closer and more vital relation with each other. He has taken dull clay and shaped it into a beauteous vase;

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