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Uriel Buchanan avoided publicity

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Uriel Buchanan's

The Heart of Being

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The Primary Processes of World Building - Man's Progress - The Manifestation of Love - Seeking The Invisible Presence - The Wordless Voice - The Creative Impulse - The Realm of Self-Consciousness - The Echo From The Eternal Hills - The Hermit And The Youth - The Wanderings of The Soul - The Destined Goal

Chapter 1 - The Primary Processes of World Building. - p. 9



THERE are no living witnesses to the marvelous scenes which belong to the primary processes of world building, for in the earlier stages of the planet's formation no individualized self-conscious life could exist. But man may read the story of the earth's unfoldment from the hieroglyphs of nature --- from the mountain cliffs and the broad plains, from the deep valleys, the sand-swept deserts, the majestic rivers and the billowy seas. From the milestones along the mysterious way, aided by the illumined vision of science, man may look back through centuries

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