Short Lessons in Divine Science by Nona Brooks


[3] All persons are more or less familiar with the fine work that is being done in natural science. We admire those who have so devotedly consecrated themselves to the discovery of the laws embodied in the natural world; we give them deep appreciation. During the past few years, however, there has come into the world something bigger and better even than natural science; something that includes the truth of natural science and leads the student to conclusions far more vital to his welfare than have ever been given. Divine Science deals not merely with forms and forces, but goes back of these to the One Power that is responsible for the whole.

Students of Divine Science rejoice in the all-inclusiveness of this teaching. Nothing is excluded; all is to be understood and interpreted aright. An Omnipresent God does not confine the revelation of Himself to any one channel, but He flows into expression wherever He is given the right of way. Therefore every ardent and persistent seeker discovers Truth, and as a result contributes something toward the well being of mankind.

Again, we rejoice as we press further into the knowledge of this inexhaustible Truth that we find so much unity in all of the different lines of thought. The philosophies, the psychologies, the religions of the world become vibrant with life [4] as we realize that these are revealing to us man's search for God--Truth. And what is more joy-bringing during this study than the certainty given that Knowledge of Truth means freedom for the individual? Freedom--no more bondage to the human limitations of sin, sickness and death, but a release into the Christ Consciousness, the liberty of the Sons of God.

This book of Short Lessons gives the steps that lead along the way from slavery to Sonship; from sickness to Health; from weakness to Power; from failure to Highest Success. It is to be studied slowly and thoughtfully. May it bless many in its journey into the world.

Let me here express my gratitude to Dr. Alice Ritchie and to Miss Miriam Mitchell for their interest in this little book and for the many helpful suggestions given me by them.

The Author.

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