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1924 First Edition Cover of Mysteries by Nona Brooks Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Nona Brooks's:

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What is power? Is it a quality brought into existence in the individual life by the touch of a magic wand? Where is the mystery of the powerful life? Is this mystery to be revealed only to the few? Power is an inherency of infinite Life. The sons of God are inherently powerful, because Father and Son are one. To many people it is a mystery that we do not demonstrate that power which we are. Let us set about to fathom this mystery. Power lies within ourselves; we do not find it in outer things. It must become a realization. The worthwhile life is the powerful life. What do we mean by the term worthwhile? The life, so lived from day to day that each day brings the richest possible returns, is the life worthwhile. What do I mean by the richest possible returns? The best accomplishment, the truest attainment, the highest realization, that each one in his stage of development is capable of reaching, are the richest returns. How shall we accomplish, attain, and realize our best? There is only one way--in right use of present attainment. [113]

The day worthwhile is the one that is dedicated to the giving of our best, so that when the time of quiet comes at its close and we think over the day’s work, we see that the hours have been spent in service, accomplishment, and unfoldment into greater realization. Let us come to the close of day with such assurance of God’s presence and power that we are richly blessed in consciousness.

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