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1924 First Edition Cover of Mysteries by Nona Brooks Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Nona Brooks's:

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Men have been so engrossed in watching process in the visible that they have missed the vision of the invisible; contemplation of the part has taken the place of meditation upon the whole. Men have believed that because their comrades passed out of the radius of the senses that there must be a mystery about their abiding place. "If we cannot see and touch our loved ones in this body which we have always known, where are they?" This question is asked over and over again. It is easily seen why a mystery arose around the experience men called death. They have been in bondage to the world conception of death as the opposite of life.

The New Revelation is changing our conception about many things; best of all we are coming to know the reality of the seen and the unseen; we are seeing these as one. We are seeing life and the experience called death according to a clearer vision as we free ourselves from the bondage of world conceptions and look directly [59] through appearances into reality. The light of truth is revealing to us that there is only one experience of death: this is when men die in sin and in ignorance. Limitation is death, because it is the opposite of freedom. He who frees himself from these limitations--sin, sickness, and fear--shall not taste of death. We are coming to see that just as bondage to wrong belief is death, so is the belief of separation from God. In fact the man who

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