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1924 First Edition Cover of Mysteries by Nona Brooks Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Nona Brooks's:

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Down through the ages men have been accustomed to call that which to them was unknown, unexplained, or uncomprehended--a mystery. There has been a tendency to wrap veils of mystery around natural phenomena, also around the causes of daily experience in the lives of men, and even around God. That which is in any particular out of what we have called the usual and the commonplace has aroused a sense of the supernatural or the mysterious in relation to it. Mankind has relegated much to the realm of the mysterious which is explainable under the light that true thinking throws upon the experiences. There rises the question, why is this? Long, long ago, in the childhood of the race, before men thought intelligently about life and living, they felt within themselves an impelling urge for Something higher than their daily experiences. They naturally looked to that which was above them, and found it beyond their power to understand. So it came about that while these primitive men were still a great way off, the [5] greater experiences of life looked weird and incomprehensible to them. They were thinking in terms of separation; hence all greater experiences were mysterious to them.

It has been our custom to meditate upon those experiences which touch us as individuals most closely. Hence we hear the world asking, "What is the reason for illness, evil, poverty, old age, death?" There is an answer

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