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1924 First Edition Cover of Mysteries by Nona Brooks Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Nona Brooks's:

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Nona Brooks

First Edition 1924, Denver, Colorado

Now within the Public Domain

This online edition was created in answer to many of your inquiries as to why other online versions of this Public Domain New Thought Work did not have page numbers.

Then you wrote to us to tell us that our page numbers did not align with some of the copies of this text that you had purchased, this is because for our online version, we scanned an orginal copy of the 1924 first edition of Nona Brooks Mysteries and followed the original page numbering and layout. The green and gold graphic above is from the cover of this book.

When printing new editions, various publishers alter the pagination of books. Sometimes newer editions are different sizes which demand different layouts. In the case of modern textbooks, new editions are created simply to profiteer.

However, to answer your latest demands and to make it possible for seekers and sharers of Divine Science to study together and easily share references whether online or off, we have now noted the new page divisions of the 1977 printing in brackets, ie. [page #],

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