Credit for providing the scans of these Kate Atkinson Boehme's texts go to a wonderful person of High Consciousness attending the

Center for Spiritual Living Dallas, Unity in Nashville & Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

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As you read a book, you will see the credits in the left hand column, you can see who helped process these books. We give thanks to the wonderful people for providing scans, and energy to bring these books to the entire world in multiple formats through the world wide web. It is simple to submit scans of any book. Scans are usually mailed in on CD or DVD or by arrangement uploaded via FTP.

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Sometimes people mail us the actual books. Since we are focused on digitization, these books are scanned, then eventually sent on to registered New Thought libraries around the globe. If you wish to register your center or library simply contact us. Contact info is available at

Whenever you send us Public Domain New Thought texts, all supporters of this free public library are deeply grateful.

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