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Joseph Benner's

Impersonal Life

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I am - Be Still and Know - I, Life, God - Consciousness, Intelligence, Will - The Key - Thinking and Creating - The Word - My Idea - The Garden of Eden - 10Good and Evil/a> - Use - Soul-Mates - Authority - Mediums and Mediators - Masters - The Christ and Love - Finding Me - Union - Contents -

Chapter Ten - Your Mental Attitude

In the Garden of Eden, where you abode before entering upon your Earthly mission, there grew this tree whose fruit is called the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

While dwelling in the Garden you were still wholly Impersonal, for you had not yet tasted of this fruit. Having once yielded to Desire, the Earthly agent of My Will, whose main work is to make you eat this fruit, the moment you had eaten, that moment you descended, or fell, or were forced from your Edenic estate (like the chick from the shell or the rose from the bud), and you found yourself involved in conditions altogether new and strange. For now, instead of having dominion over the lower kingdoms, and of their supplying your every want, you had to till the ground to get it to bring forth fruit, and by the sweat of your brow had you to earn your bread. Having taken upon yourself this Earthly mission, it now became necessary for you to enter fully into all conditions of Earth life, in order to develop a mind and perfect a body capable of expressing perfectly My Idea on Earth, the real cause and

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