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Joseph Benner's

Impersonal Life

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I am - Be Still and Know - I, Life, God - Consciousness, Intelligence, Will - The Key - Thinking and Creating - The Word - My Idea - The Garden of Eden - 10Good and Evil/a> - Use - Soul-Mates - Authority - Mediums and Mediators - Masters - The Christ and Love - Finding Me - Union - Contents -

Chapter Four - The Uses Of Temptation

Yes, I know the many mixed thoughts that have been crowding into your mind as you read, the doubts and eager questionings, the vague fear that imperceptibly changed into a growing hope that this glimmering of My Meaning, which has begun to penetrate the darkness of your human intellect, may shine brighter so you can see clearly the Truth which you instinctively feel is hidden beneath My Words.

Again I say, this I AM speaking herein is the Real Self of you, and in reading these words it is necessary that you realize it is You, your own Self, that is speaking them to your human consciousness, in order fully to comprehend their meaning.

I also repeat, this is the same I AM that is the Life and Spirit animating all living things in the Universe, from the tiniest atom to the greatest Sun; that this I AM is the Intelligence in you and in your brother and sister; and that it is likewise the Intelligence which causes everything to live and grow and become that which it is their destiny to be.

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