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Genevieve Behrend's

Your Invisible Power

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  1. Foreword
  2. Order of Visualization
  3. How to Attract to Yourself the Things You Desire
  4. Relation Between Mental and Physical Form
  5. Operation of Your Mental Picture
  6. Expressions from Beginners
  7. Suggestions for Making Your Mental Picture
  8. Using Thought Power to Produce New Conditions
  9. Why I Took Up the Study of Mental Science
  10. How I Attracted to Myself 20,000 Dollars
  11. How I Became Trowards Only Personal Pupil
  12. How to Bring the Power in Your Word Into Action
  13. How to Increase Your Faith
  14. The Reward of Increased Faith
  15. How to Make Nature Respond to You
  16. Faith With Works--What It Has Accomplished
  17. How to Pray or Ask, Believing You Have Already Received
  18. Things to Remember
  19. Contents

Chapter 3

Relation Between
Mental and Physical Form - p. 23

SOME persons feel that it is not quite proper to visualize for things. "It's too material," they say. Why, material form is necessary for the self-recognition of Spirit from the individual standpoint, and this is the means through which the Creative Process is carried forward.

Therefore, far from matter being an illusion and something which ought not to be, matter is the necessary channel for the self-differentiation of Spirit.

However, it is not my desire to lead you into lengthy and tiresome scientific reasoning, in order to remove the mystery from visualization and to put it upon a logical foundation.

Naturally, each individual will do this in his own way. My only wish is to point out to you the easiest way I know, which is the road on which Troward guides me. I feel sure you will conclude, as I have, that the only mystery in connection with visualizing is the mystery of life taking form, governed by unchangeable and easily understood laws.

We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing

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