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Genevieve Behrend's

How To Live
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MASTER: Let us begin this morning's lesson with the certain knowledge that every living thing really wishes to enjoy Life.

Once one really has entered into the true Spirit of Life that one can not help loving to live and is certain to enjoy life.

PUPIL: That is just it. If one could get into the Spirit of Living Life, I am sure one, every one, would enjoy it. But it seems to me that the general run of humanity live in the spirit of death rather than of life. The average person I know is always wishing that he could but at the same time knowing that he can't. That does not seem like really living.

MASTER: Indeed that is not living and people who live in that form of mental action are "the living dead."

Let us see if we can not find an easy, logical method of entering into the true Spirit of Life.

We know that we must enter into the Spirit of a book, or a picture, or of music, else they are entirely meaningless to us. To really appreciate anything we must share the mental attitude of the creative thought and feeling which brought them into outward form.


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