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Genevieve Behrend was the only student of Thomas Troward

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Genevieve Behrend's

Attaining Your Desires

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  1. Foreword
  2. Judge Thomas T. Troward, Philosopher and Sage
  3. Lesson 1 - Interpreting the Word
  4. Lesson II - How to Get What you Want
  5. Lesson III - How to Overcome Adverse Conditions
  6. Lesson IV - Strengthening Your Will
  7. Lesson V - Making Your Subjective Mind Work for You
  8. Lesson VI - Hourly Helps
  9. Lesson VII - Putting Your Lessons into Practice
  10. Contents


"The divine promises and individual faith are correlations." Combine them, and there is no limit to what you can do through the creative power in this quality of thought. "Essential thought. Therefore every call to have faith in God is a call to have faith in the power of VOW' own thought about God." (Troward) A confident expectant attitude of mind. Such a mental attitude renders your mind receptive to the creative action of the spirit of life. Have faith in the force of your own thought. You have many times experienced what it will do. Jesus' statement, "I lave faith in God and nothing shall be impossible unto you." Is not a mere figure of speech; it is a scientific fact, simply stated. Your individual thought is the specialized working of the creative power of life. (All Life.)

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