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BF Austin

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B. F. Austin's

How To Make Money

"Evolution is better than Revolution. New Thought Library's New Thought Archives encompass a full range of New Thought media from Abrahamic to Vedic reflecting the ongoing evolution of human thought. New Thought's unique inclusion of science, art and philosophy contrasts with 'old thought' Religion. Today's 'New Thought 3.0' teaches personal responsibility, self-development, human rights and compassionate action as essential spiritual paradigms." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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A large class of young men seem to have formulated no plans, schemes, purposes, beyond the present and the immediate future. Not long since I heard a distinguished man giving one great reason for his success and he had risen under very adverse influences from ignorance and poverty to wide knowledge and a position of great honor and power in these words: "When as a country lad I entered college in my 'teens, I laid out carefully in advance a course of five years in Arts and four following years in Theology. I was poor and had to earn my money during the vacations, by editorial work during the college year, and labored under great disadvantages in other respects. Yet my carefully matured plans I followed out through nine years without deviation, and if I have met with success in life it has been largely owing to my ability to plan my work carefully and then stick to my plans until I had completed them."

The Right Use of Difficulties

There is no better test of character than a man's treatment of difficulties. The coward shuns them; the lazy man tries to go around them; the idler dawdles in front of

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