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BF Austin

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B. F. Austin's

How To Make Money

"Evolution is better than Revolution. New Thought Library's New Thought Archives encompass a full range of New Thought media from Abrahamic to Vedic reflecting the ongoing evolution of human thought. New Thought's unique inclusion of science, art and philosophy contrasts with 'old thought' Religion. Today's 'New Thought 3.0' teaches personal responsibility, self-development, human rights and compassionate action as essential spiritual paradigms." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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Projects if accompanied by sound judgment, proper, plans and proportionate zeal produce Great Men and Great Success.

Cultivate Strength of Will Power

The Will is the directive faculty of the soul and when in harmony with Nature may become the channel of personal and spiritual energy as real as the force of gravitation or electricity. If wrongly directed it cannot of itself insure success, for the human will must ever be subject to, and in harmony with, the Divine Will. Some teachers and writers speak as though the individual man simply by will power could set aside the laws of nature, or thwart the divine will as expressed in general law. Not so. As well assert that a man by taking hold of his boot straps could lift himself over a mountain. But where a man wills truth and righteousness or formulates any great plan in harmony with Nature's ordination, the will of man thus becomes one with the Universal Will, which is a channel of the divine forces of the Universe. There seems to be no real limit to human achievement in harmony with nature's laws if pursued unfalteringly by a strong and unconquerable will. The basis of all personal power resides in this will. All great and

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