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BF Austin

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B. F. Austin's

How To Make Money

"Evolution is better than Revolution. New Thought Library's New Thought Archives encompass a full range of New Thought media from Abrahamic to Vedic reflecting the ongoing evolution of human thought. New Thought's unique inclusion of science, art and philosophy contrasts with 'old thought' Religion. Today's 'New Thought 3.0' teaches personal responsibility, self-development, human rights and compassionate action as essential spiritual paradigms." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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Lesson 2 - Principles and Methods of Success Keep Body and Mind in Tip-Top Condition

If the mind is weakened by worries, vain regret, forebodings, or your mental forces spent in the inharmonious vibrations of envy, hatred, distrust or malice; or if the body is weakened by violation of natural law, or by excesses, over indulgence in appetite, passion, etc.; or if the mind and body are not in harmonious relation on Nature's plan for their harmonic working, do not expect success. He who cannot conquer the world within, cannot conquer the world without. He who cannot regulate himself cannot rule over conditions and other people. The promise is: "He that overcometh shall inherit all things” but it is also said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. In the first-class condition of mind and body and their harmonious working on Nature's Plan, which we shall presently explain, is developed the power to tide one over difficulties, to triumph over conditions of inheritance, poor environment and seemingly insuperable obstacles and win one's way steadily to the heights of success.

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