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BF Austin

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B. F. Austin's

How To Make Money

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process, time, money, effort and zeal are well expended. Every teacher who can give you a fruitful idea, every book that can bring a real inspiration, every exercise of mental gymnastics that can strengthen the will, every ray of light that can give you clearer vision of true ideals, is of priceless value to you.

Poverty is a Mental Disease

Of course there are exceptional cases where from some misfortune or wrong doing of others, Poverty seems forced upon an individual, either by uncontrollable circumstances in his own life, or by the action of others. Yet in the vast majority of cases the Poverty of man's material condition is the natural and inevitable result of Poverty in himself in his thought realm of reasoning, emotion and volition. The mental Poverty is mother and father of the Poverty of his material conditions. The outward conditions of a man's life are a reflex of his thought world. This view of the case will help the student in his resolve to thoroughly diagnose the condition of his thought realm and to bring his mental machinery into such a state of efficiency that his whole character will assume a nobler type, and with the natural result that his outer conditions shall reflect his improved mentality.

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