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William Walker Atkinson

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Walker Atkinson's

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life

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Preface - Dedication - Salutatory - The Nature of the Force - How the Thought Force Can Aid You - Direct Psychic Influence - A Little Worldly Wisdom - The Power of the Eye - The Magnetic Gaze - The Volic Force - Direct Volation - Telepathic Volation - The Adductive Quality of Thought - Character Building By Mental Control - The Art of Concentering - The Practice of Concentering - Valedictory - Contents

Lesson 13 - The Art of Concentering - p. 76

Definition of the term - Exoteric and esoteric meanings - A valuable acquirement - Thought combined with action - Volitional concentering - How to "arrive" - Advantages of concentering - Means of doing the best work - Getting the full result of your work - Cure for discouragement - Work out your own salvation - Don't be a human doormat - Get down to business "Heaven's" not a loafing place - Work robbed of its terrors - Remedy for the "blues" - A specific for discouragement - Concentering no easy task - A simple experiment - Advantages of concentering - No more waste effort or lost motion - Focusing the attention - Focusing thought - A valuable remedy for mental and physical exhaustion - Explanation - Requisites of concentering.

In ordinary conversation, we make frequent use of the word "Concentration," in the sense of "bringing together," or "diminishing in bulk and increasing in strength," or "consolidating," etc. In order to avoid an erroneous conception, I have preferred to use the term "Concentering." A plain definition of the word "Concentering" is "the bringing to a common center," or "focusing." Carry in your mind the analysis of the word, thus "Con-CENTER," - "to bring to a center."

The word "concenter" has its exoteric, or common meaning, and its esoteric, or hidden, meaning, when used in connection with the exercise of the powers of the mind. The exoteric idea is the concentering of the mind upon the one particular thought or action, inhibiting all outside thoughts or impressions. The esoteric idea is the concentering of the mind upon the Ego, the I AM, inhibiting all outside thoughts or impressions. The esoteric idea is the concentering of the mind upon the Ego, the I AM, inhibiting all thoughts of the material body or of the grosser self, and dwelling the higher regions of the Soul. The First mentioned form of concentering is a most valuable acquirement for man in his everyday life; the second form is a most desirable acquirement

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