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William Walker Atkinson

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Walker Atkinson's

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life

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Preface - Dedication - Salutatory - The Nature of the Force - How the Thought Force Can Aid You - Direct Psychic Influence - A Little Worldly Wisdom - The Power of the Eye - The Magnetic Gaze - The Volic Force - Direct Volation - Telepathic Volation - The Adductive Quality of Thought - Character Building By Mental Control - The Art of Concentering - The Practice of Concentering - Valedictory - Contents

your pitch. As he lowers his voice his temper subsides, and he feels ashamed, and you have won the day. Try it. There is much in the voice. A flexible, well-modulated voice is most pleasing, and wins many victories for its fortunate possessor. Let your voice express the shade of feeling, which you wish to convey. This is one of the most potent forms of suggestion. An expressive voice is one of the principal tools of the successful suggestionist.

The student must not despair if he lacks some of the important requisites to success above mentioned. He should know that every one of these gifts is within his reach, if he will but take the trouble to acquire it. I explain this point fully in Character Building.

Another very important medium of influencing others, including our old Active partner, is the Eye. The Human Eye! Who does not know its power, and yet how few know how to acquire the secret offense and defense, and its aid in influencing man and the lower animals, and yet not begin to exhaust the subject. I will devote our next lesson to an explanation of the use of the eye as an influencing medium; how to acquire the "magnetic gaze"; and how to avoid the influence of the eyes of others.

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