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William Walker Atkinson

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Walker Atkinson's

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life

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Preface - Dedication - Salutatory - The Nature of the Force - How the Thought Force Can Aid You - Direct Psychic Influence - A Little Worldly Wisdom - The Power of the Eye - The Magnetic Gaze - The Volic Force - Direct Volation - Telepathic Volation - The Adductive Quality of Thought - Character Building By Mental Control - The Art of Concentering - The Practice of Concentering - Valedictory - Contents

Lesson 4 - Direct Psychic Influence - p. 17

Influence in a personal interview - The three great methods - Direct suggestion - Thought waves - The adductive quality of thought - What is suggestion? - The Dual Mind -Hypnotic Suggestion - The Active and Passive functions - The qualities of the two functions - Human sheep - The two brother partners - The Passive brother - The active brother - Their respective traits - The "dead-easy" man - The "hard-as-nails man - How to elude the vigilant partner - Never take No! for an answer, in business or in love - Fortune is feminine - Love laughs at locksmiths - Confidence will win the day.

In this and the next lesson I will endeavor to make plain to you the process whereby an individual exerts and influence over his fellow men, in a personal interview, and interests them in his schemes and plans; enlists their aid and support; secures their patronage; and influences them generally. We all know men who are able to accomplish these results, and yet we content ourselves with wondering about their strange power, without endeavoring to acquire it.

The art of influencing men or women whilst we are in their presence, of necessity includes the other several methods of mental influence mentioned in the preceding lessons, and partakes of the nature of each. It is difficult to speak intelligently of this phase of mental influences, without covering the entire grounds that will be explained in subsequent lessons. I must content myself with a general reference to these several different branches of the subject; as you will meet them later on, at which time I will take them up at greater length. I would suggest that after completing this series of lessons you take up this particular lesson again, and go over it carefully a second time. You will have a much clearer idea of this subject, and many things which

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