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William Walker Atkinson

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Walker Atkinson's

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life

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Preface - Dedication - Salutatory - The Nature of the Force - How the Thought Force Can Aid You - Direct Psychic Influence - A Little Worldly Wisdom - The Power of the Eye - The Magnetic Gaze - The Volic Force - Direct Volation - Telepathic Volation - The Adductive Quality of Thought - Character Building By Mental Control - The Art of Concentering - The Practice of Concentering - Valedictory - Contents

Lesson 3 - How the Thought Force Can Aid You - p. 13

Success dependent upon Personal Influence - "Strong men arrive" - Apparent exceptions to the rule - When negative men produce; positive men reap the benefit - Money the material manifestation of success - Money a means, not an end - The Law of Mental Control - Influence through suggestion - Influence by thought vibrations - Influence by thoughts adductive power - Influence acquired by character building.

I am addressing you upon the supposition that you are desirous of developing the forces within you, for the purpose of attaining success. Success in life depends very materially upon the possession of the quality of attracting and influencing our fellow men. No matter what other qualities you may possess, you are handicapped by a lack of that subtle force which we are in the habit of calling Personal Magnetism. Look around you and you will see that nearly every man who has "arrived " is possessed of the ability to attract, persuade, influence or control his fellows. They are all what is known as "strong" men. There are a few exceptions to this great rule, and these exceptions only go to prove the rule itself. These exceptions are usually found among men who have demonstrated their success along the lines of art, scientific research, invention, literary work, etc., and it will readily be seen that their success, from the very nature of things, depends more upon a close, concentrated, plodding research or effort, rather than upon push, energy, force and knowledge of human nature, or ability to handle men. These men are successful in their own lines of endeavor, but, as a rule, the results of their labor are reaped by others of more worldly turn of mind. If these burners of midnight oil meet with financial success, it is because some more positive man has taken charge of the business end of their work

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