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William Atkinson sometimes used the pen name Yogi Ramacharaka

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William Atkinson / Yogi Ramacharaka's

Life Beyond Death

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The Other Side - There is NO Death - The Planes Of Life - The Astral Plane - After Death - The Soul-Slumber - The Soul's Awakening - Astral Plane Geography - Primitive Soul State - Astral Religious Experience - Astral Heavens and Hells - Astral Self Expression - Astral Plane Occupation - Astral Companionship - Spirit Communication - Earth-Bound Souls - Astral Shells - The Second Soul-Sleep - Re-Birth - Beyond Reincarnation - Contents



One of the questions most frequently asked the teachers of the Wisdom of the East is this: " What do you teach regarding 'the other side' of the river of death'?" To the trained and developed occultist, this question never seems to lose its strangeness. To such, it would seem as the question: "What do you teach regarding the 'other side' of the street?" would seem to the ordinary man on the street. The latter would naturally feel surprised that there should be any question of "teaching" on the subject, for the inquirer would have but to use his own eyes to obtain the answer to his query.

The Oriental teacher never fails to wonder at the many evidences of the result of mere theory and dogmatic teaching on the part of the majority of the teachers and preachers of the Western world. These so-called teachers are like the "blind leading the blind," for they have no means of verifying their statements,

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