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Yogi Ramacharaka

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Atkinson / Yogi Ramacharaka's

Bhagavad Gita

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Introduction - The Scene; Theme; and Character - Gloom of Arjuna - Inner Doctrine - The Secret of Work - Spiritual Knowledge - Renunciation - Self Mastery - Spiritual Discernment - Mystery of Omnipresence - Kingly Knowledge - Universal Perfection - Universal Manifestation - Yoga of Devotion - Knower and the Known - Three Gunas or Qualities - Consciousness of the Supreme - Good and Evil Natures - Threefold Faith - Renunciation and Freedom - Contents -

Part 15 - Consciousness of the Supreme - p. 144

Once more, spake Krishna, the Blessed Lord, unto Arjuna, saying:

"The Ashwattha, the sacred tree, the symbol of the Universe in our teachings, is said to be indestructible. Its roots are above, and its branches are below. Its leaves are the Vedas, or Sacred Writings. He who knowest this, knowest the Vedas. Its branches grow out of the Three Qualities, or Ganas; and their lesser shoots or twigs' are the organs of sense, some spreading forth high up, and others down low. The roots which are spreading abroad below, on the plane of men, are the bonds of action.

"Its form is beyond the knowledge of men; as is its beginning, its end, or its connections. When this mighty tree is finally cut down by the strong axe of Discriminative Non-Attachment, in spite of its strongly fixed roots --- then the destroyer of that tree shalt seek for that place from which there is no more return to

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