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Yogi Ramacharaka

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Atkinson / Yogi Ramacharaka's

Bhagavad Gita

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Introduction - The Scene; Theme; and Character - Gloom of Arjuna - Inner Doctrine - The Secret of Work - Spiritual Knowledge - Renunciation - Self Mastery - Spiritual Discernment - Mystery of Omnipresence - Kingly Knowledge - Universal Perfection - Universal Manifestation - Yoga of Devotion - Knower and the Known - Three Gunas or Qualities - Consciousness of the Supreme - Good and Evil Natures - Threefold Faith - Renunciation and Freedom - Contents -

Part 4 - Spiritual Knowledge - p. 53

And the Blessed Lord spake further unto Arjuna, the Pandu Prince, as together they stood in the war chariot between the two armies, saying:

"This eternal teaching of Yoga, spake I unto Vivaswat, whom men call the Sun --- the Lord of Light. And he in turn communicated it to Manu, the reigning spirit. And he in turn transmitted it to Ikshwaku, the founder of the solar dynasty. And from him it was passed on from higher to lower degree, until it was known to the Royal- Sages.

"But, know, O Prince, that as the years have passed by, this noble teaching hath decayed and its light hath grown dim. Almost lost hath become its inner spirit, and men know naught but its letter. Such is ever the fate of Truth among the race of men.

"But once more, to thee, do I declare the Truth, knowing that thou art a true devotee.

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