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Yogi Ramacharaka

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Atkinson / Yogi Ramacharaka's

Bhagavad Gita

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Introduction - The Scene; Theme; and Character - Gloom of Arjuna - Inner Doctrine - The Secret of Work - Spiritual Knowledge - Renunciation - Self Mastery - Spiritual Discernment - Mystery of Omnipresence - Kingly Knowledge - Universal Perfection - Universal Manifestation - Yoga of Devotion - Knower and the Known - Three Gunas or Qualities - Consciousness of the Supreme - Good and Evil Natures - Threefold Faith - Renunciation and Freedom - Contents -

Part 3 - The Secret of Work - p. 43

Then spake Arjuna, the Pandu Prince, unto Krishna, the Blessed Lord, saying:

"O Bestower of Knowledge! If, as thou hath said unto me, Right Thinking is more important than Right Action --- if the Thought be superior to the Deed --- then wherefore dost thou incite me to Action? Why dost thou urge me on to this horrible battle with my kinsmen and friends? Thy subtle words and doubtful speech confuse my understanding, and the remembrance thereof causeth my brain to spin and whirl unsteadily. Inform me, I pray thee --- and inform me with certainty --- of the one course that leads toward Peace and Satisfaction/'

Krishna: "As I have already told thee, O Pandu Prince, there are two roads to the goal thou seeketh. The first of these is the road of Right Thought; and the second that of Right Action. Each road hath its travelers, who declare their own road to be the only true one

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