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William Walker Atkinson

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William Walker Atkinson's

Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy

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Egohood - Establishing the Ego - 1 - Establishing the Ego - 2 - Establishing the Ego - 3 - Will Focalization - The Excluded Middle - Mastering the Opposite - Neutralizing Rhythm - Cyclicity and Balance - Mentalism in a Nutshell - Formula for Positivity - Will Atmosphere - Personal Positivity - Visualization - Statements - Denials - Mental Alchemy - Mental Vibration - Thought Waves and Currents - Thought Forms - Practical Methods - Concentration - Mental Imaging - Materialization of Thought - Aids to Mental Imaging - General Application - The Arcane Formula - Contents -

and Mental Alchemy, it follows that he who is able to focalize and polarize his Ego in WILL itself will be able to bring to bear the very highest degree of power in the phenomena of Mentalism. Therefore, we have devoted the greater part of this book to pointing out the methods whereby one may develop the Will-Consciousness and Egohood within him. For when this one thing is attained, the rest is but a matter of detail. Let us now proceed to a consideration of the Practical Methods. We shall condense these in as few words as possible. The student must read carefully every word so that he will enter into a full understanding of the subject and methods.


The Neophyte must develop and cultivate the art of Concentration. Concentration means "bringing to a centre" --- and Mental Concentration is really a focusing of the Will by means of attention. Concentration may be developed by practice. Learn to shut out distracting thoughts and ideas for a few moments, holding the mind "one-pointed" upon the thing your idea before you. Then, after an interval, concentrate upon something else. After you have

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