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William Walker Atkinson

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William Walker Atkinson's

Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy

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Egohood - Establishing the Ego - 1 - Establishing the Ego - 2 - Establishing the Ego - 3 - Will Focalization - The Excluded Middle - Mastering the Opposite - Neutralizing Rhythm - Cyclicity and Balance - Mentalism in a Nutshell - Formula for Positivity - Will Atmosphere - Personal Positivity - Visualization - Statements - Denials - Mental Alchemy - Mental Vibration - Thought Waves and Currents - Thought Forms - Practical Methods - Concentration - Mental Imaging - Materialization of Thought - Aids to Mental Imaging - General Application - The Arcane Formula - Contents -

may act. Ponder well these words, 0 Neophyte, for in them is contained the whole Secret of Mentalism.


The Neophyte should create for himself a Positive Will Atmosphere, or Aura, which will tend to serve as a protective armor shielding him from adverse influences from outside, and also tending to render his positive power felt by those with whom he comes in contact. The Positive Atmosphere is occasioned by the vibrations in the Mind Stuff with which all space is filled just as the brain is filled with mind-stuff of its own particular quality. The Cosmos is a World Brain, remember, and the Cosmic Mind Stuff is everywhere. Vibration in the Mind Stuff is just as real as vibration in the ether, or in the air, or in matter of any and every kind.

The Positive Atmosphere is created by a pure act of Will, aided by Visualization. The Neophyte should first realize that he IS Will itself. Then he should Visualize (mentally imagine or see) the Mind Stuff in his immediate vicinity becoming charged with the positive power of Will. It will aid him to think of himself as surrounded for a distance of about three feet with an egg-shaped aura

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